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We @ Ariel aim to develop the first multi-asset class, fully decentralized derivative exchange. Our primary offering is perpetual futures contract for leverage trading.

Perpetual trading platform will be launched in early Q3-2022. The testnet version is available for trying out the dapp already.

Ariel money will be launched with several popular crypto pairs. We will further add support to more pairs and more types of assets in the future based on community voting

Users can take both long and short leveraged positions on the platform.

Upto 20x leverage will be available for trading depending upon the type of asset and its stability. The leverage capability may increase in the future.

There will be $ARI token, more information will be release soon, stay tuned!

No announcement regarding the token has been made public yet, Stay tuned for official announcement and be aware of fake tokens/scams.

ARI tokens will be used to incentivise activity on the Ariel Money trading platform, decentralized the governance & effectively distribute the fees generated from the protocol.

Tokens will be available to public in Q1-2023, more information about the token sale/airdrop will be released soon.

We are starting the audit process from a reputed audit firm shortly, it is expected to complete in Q4-2022.


Want to suggest a feature? Or maybe report a bug? We would love to hear from you. Reach out on discord or post on our feedback forum below